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As an independent enrollment company, Voluntary Benefits at Work can enroll benefits for any insurance carrier, across a variety of platforms. The platforms also include a benefits administration tool that will handle consolidated billing, Affordable Care Act reporting and more.


Whether for voluntary benefits, core benefits or re-enrollment efforts, Voluntary Benefits at Work helps companies achieve fast, effective and accurate results. We work with you to determine which of the following methods (or a combination of them) works best for the employer.

Group Meetings

Conducting an employee benefit meeting, an enrollment counselor presents an explanation of the benefit choices and answers questions. Once individual preferences are confirmed, the counselor enrolls the employee electronically.

Individual Sessions

A benefits counselor meets with each employee to explain the coverage choices and address any questions, then enters the selections into an electronic enrollment system.

Assisted Web Enrollment

Using this method, a benefits counselor walks employees through the employer's online enrollment site. The counselor explains all benefit choices, answers any questions and assists with the enrollment process.

Call Center Enrollment

Similar to a one-on-one meeting, employees call a toll-free number to speak with their benefits counselor. Or the employee schedules an appointment and the benefits counselor will call the employee at the appointed time.

Integrated Web Enrollment

The integrated Web enrollment allows employees to make a simple "program" election that encompasses both core and voluntary benefits online.

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